Procedure Room

We have three procedure rooms that can be used for any procedures that require local sedation. These rooms are staffed by the pre-op & or staff that have been trained in this area.

Operating Room

Moving appropriate surgical procedures from the hospital setting to the ambulatory setting has proven safe, efficient, & cost effective to both patients, & the insurance companies. Our patients can expect the same standard of care & safety they associate with a hospital environment.

The Ambulatory Surgery Center of Western New York has six operating rooms . They are equipped with state of the art equipment. They are designed to facilitate a relaxed experience for our patients.

Recovery Room

The recovery room staff is highly skilled & trained in emergency room procedures. The Nurses are both Advanced Cardiac Life Support(ACLS) & Pediatric Advanced Life Support(PALS) certified. They will transition the patient from the operating room to discharge. They provide specific care for your surgical procedure , post operative instructions that have been ordered by your surgeon. It is in the recovery room , as your condition permits, you will be reunited with your family member. Within 24 hours, you will receive a post – op phone call inquiring on your recovery.